Gretzky Goal LuckyTap™ Case Study

When our valued partner BetMGM brought the opportunity to build a game with Gretzky’s likeness to us, we naturally gravitated towards our LuckyTap™ mechanic. Using this style of game, we were able to place him in a stadium environment where players can shoot from a first-hand perspective.

In addition to capturing Gretzky’s likeness and incorporating him into the game, we also focused on delivering a realistic gameplay experience that truly emulates the intensity and excitement of hockey. Our development team meticulously studied Gretzky’s signature moves, analyzing his playing style, agility, and precision. We wanted players to feel like they were stepping onto the ice as the Great One himself. To achieve this level of realism, we implemented motion-capture technology to simulate the fluidity of Gretzky’s movements. Every shot mirrors the skill that made Gretzky a hockey legend.

Gretzky Goal LuckyTap™ celebrates the legacy of this hockey icon, but also provides an authentic and exhilarating experience for players. We are thrilled to witness the overwhelming positive response from players and the iGaming industry, as they recognize and appreciate the dedication we put into making this game a true tribute to Gretzky’s remarkable career.

“It’s always a real pleasure collaborating with the DWG team on new and exciting bespoke projects like this. Their attention to detail and nuanced treatment of each brand means we always feel in safe hands. Here’s to many more!”