DWG Core Values

Our values are our guiding light. They shape how we collaborate, support our partners and swiftly move towards our common goal of changing the RMG and social casino landscapes.


    We innovate together as a team. Our people are encouraged to exercise their creative freedoms, have a voice and share fresh ideas. Through this innovation, we consistently produce top-performing content that is changing the landscape of the Gaming industry.


    We are committed to producing the highest quality content for our partners and their players. Careful thought is put into every aspect of game development. Our team continuously evaluates data and performance to make precise adjustments to increase player experience.


    We build and uphold the most efficient and effective game development cycles in the industry. Our team is small and nimble so we can adapt and develop creative solutions to handle any curveballs thrown our way. We pivot with ease, make decisions and adjustments quickly and are always evolving.


    We take risks and boldly strive to be different than other game studios in the industry. We pride ourselves on being more than a supplier, but a partner that challenges our customers to think differently. We care about the players, our customers’ businesses and making an impact on the industry.


    We are nothing without our people. We care deeply for our employees, their families and their communities. Wins, both personal and professional, are always celebrated and ensuring our employees are happy, fulfilled and empowered is our top priority.


    We create games that are ergonomically designed to resonate with today’s digital content consumption. We study human behaviors and player impulses and infuse those learnings into our content to give players an unexpected, enjoyable gaming experience.


    We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. Each individual member of our team is inspired to create great games and make something they are proud of. This passion drives creativity and excellence which sets us apart from larger game developers.


    We’re focused on creating an open, welcoming environment that fosters creativity, community and inclusion. Fresh ideas, constructive criticism and opposing viewpoints from team members at any level are encouraged without judgment. We support one another and are not afraid to try, fall and learn.