Design Works Gaming Debuts Third Social Gaming App “Super Scratcher Casino”


For Immediate Release

August 21, 2018

Design Works Gaming, a developer of top-ranking, free-to-play casino games announced today that it launched a third social gaming app, titled Super Scratcher Casino. 

After the successful launches of slot machine games in May of 2016 and February of 2017, Design Works Gaming set its sights on a new niche game within the casino genre. The free-to-play Super Scratcher Casino app simulates the fun and excitement of real lottery ticket scratcher games. 

Super Scratcher Casino currently boasts 15 unique scratcher ticket games, offering a variety of themes and game types that avid lottery scratcher ticket players will surely enjoy. 

Design Works Gaming conducted extensive research on the viability of a casino game solely dedicated to scratch off games, and even tested the games in its two other casinos before creating Super Scratcher Casino. 

“Recognizing that there is virtually no competition for scratch off ticket games, and that there is an overwhelmingly positive response and demand for them, led us to design and develop Super Scratcher Casino,” Troy Zurawski, President and CEO of Design Works Gaming said.

Super Scratcher Casino is currently available on Facebook. To play Super Scratcher Casino, simply visit